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"Olivia is a gifted and highly skilled movement photographer. She worked with me to clearly understand my vision while also offering her artistic lens. The results exceeded my expectations. Her ability to portray movement in a still image is beyond anything I had experienced with other photographers. If you are a yoga teacher, fitness professional, or dancer, I cannot recommend her services enough!"

- @HannahAdamsYoga

"Olivia brought a sense of movement and flow to our photography session. She created an environment in which I could be myself in front of the lens. As a dancer, this meant reaching, rolling, expanding and laughing rather than just having to "pose and smile." I highly recommend Olivia to anyone looking for a talented artist who genuinely supports others."

- Ava L. Untermyer, Dance Artist & Educator

"Olivia Blaisdell makes incredibly intricate and engaging art; it was an honor to work with her. As a videographer she worked very efficiently, showed tremendous respect for my work, and was extremely flexible and open minded throughout our filming process."

- Rachel L.

"Olivia is hands down the BEST and the MOST VIBRANT person to work with!! Speaking for myself, being in front of the camera can be anxiety triggering sometimes. But she made me so comfortable during the shoot that I forgot I hated getting my pictures taken. And the best part isn’t even the shoot, it’s when she uploads all of your pictures. Seeing yourself through her lens is the best confidence booster!"

- Lidya U.

"I had a great experience with Olivia taking my senior graduation portraits! She was very attentive to what photos we wanted and was very conscientious about splitting her time up. I'm so impressed with her photos and her timeliness in delivering them to us! Thanks Olivia!"

- Ava G. 

"Olivia's warming personality helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera when I was feeling out of my depth. Her ability to bring forth laughter and confidence as both the photographer and the person being photographed is natural. I am so grateful to have been captured in Olivia's eyes, she cares about the vision while bringing her own style into the space."

- Sophie Lyons Yoga

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