Artist Media Subscription Program

monthly photo & video subscription program for local artists

find yourself running out of up-to-date promotional material? too broke to spend $$$$ on several photo sessions a year? too lazy to put together that highlight reel? this service is perfect for you. 

choose from:

BASIC AF   | 2 photo sessions per year, 1 video reel | $500 or 12 payments of $41.67

EXTRA AF  | 4 photo sessions per year, 2 video reels | $850 or 12 payments of $70.83

INTERESTED?! fill out form here: sign-up

* 45 min/photo session, yields around 50-100 images

* 60min/video session, 30sec-60sec promo reel

* currently not available for groups larger than 1 person

Sample Video Reel

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